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Series: Superlink
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Combat
Year: 2005

Cybertrons, this is my true power!
Bestowed with Super-Energon, Nightscream has powered up! His tactic of sneaking up behind his opponent while invisible and delivering a fatal blow has tormented the Cybertrons for far too long. When he gains this new power, his true form will doubtless be restored.

Remarks: Nightscream Reverse (or Energon Starscream) is a repaint of the first Starscream from Energon, so no full review, just a quick overview of the differences between the two. Nightscream carries an additional Energon weapon aside from the rifle and sword. The weapon can split into two smaller weapons or combine into a big one. The colours are classic G1-Starscream and fit him a bit better than the darker colours of the first one. Apart from that, no differences. Still a great figure, few complaints. I wouldn't necessarily recommend getting both versions of Energon Starscream, but you should get at least one.

Rating: B+
Toy DB Link

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