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Combined form of the Air Team:
Sky Shadow, Stormjet, Terradive, Treadshot & Windrazor

Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Combiner Powerlinx Combiner
Year: 2005

Robot Mode: In robot mode all five Aerialbots are roughly the same size, despite the fact that Stormjet, the leader, is substantially more massive than the other four. The four smaller robots share just two molds between them, Treadshot and Windrazor have the same body, as have Skyshadow and Terradive. Thanks to different paint jobs they manage not to look completely identical, but somehow it doesn't work as well as it does for the Constructicons. All robots do look good, though, and are decently posable. One thing that does grind a little is that the smaller robots all have weapons (Treadshot and Windrazor even have two each), but Stormjet, the leader, has none. Bottom line, though, decent robots.

Alternate Mode: The Aerialbots transform into airplanes, unsurprisingly. Stormjet becomes a big, almost space-cruiser-like jet, the other four become smaller planes. The fact that the four smaller jets are really just two becomes even more evident here, as the different paint jobs do little to make them look different. Skyshadow and Terradive's jet modes remind me a bit of the old GI Joe Rattlers, which gives them a bit of a nostalgia bonus. All in all the jet modes are decent and detailed, even giving all five landing gears, but it would have been better to actually have five different planes instead of just three.

Combiner Mode: The Aerialbots truly shine when merged together into Superion Maximus. Not sure what the suffix Maximus is about, but anyway. The resulting gestalt robot looks like a mixture between the original G1 Superion and an anime warrior, but I like the look. There is no limitation as to which of the smaller robots becomes which limb, but in my opinion it looks best if you mix them up, not using two identical robots as both arms or both legs. Superion really has just two small points against him, one being the complete absence of hands (a problem he shares with the other Energon combiners) and the feet made from Treadshot or Windrazor are a bit unstable. All in all, though, a very good gestalt robot.

Remarks: The Aerialbots were, in my mind, the best combiner team of the G1 Autobots, having the most wholesome look about them and featuring prominently in the cartoon. The Energon Aerialbots do an equally good job when combined and are decent robots and jets when apart, but I'm not a hundred percent satisfied for some reason. I can't really tell you what I'm missing here, but there is something. Anyway, being a sucker for combiner teams there was no way for me not to get this one and it is worth the money. Not a perfect toy, but good.

Rating: B
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