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Series: Device Label
Allegiance: Destron
Year: 2009

Prelude: In the Japanese versions of Transformers, Ravage is usually called Jaguar. So this here being a Japanese Transformer, it’s officially called Jaguar, too. To me, though, it’s Ravage and that’s what I’ll call it in this review.

Beast Mode: What else could Ravage be but a robotic jaguar? Device Label Ravage is clearly recognizable as the same beast he was all the way back in 1984, though the big cat is far less two-dimensional than it was back in the day. He’s also far more articulate, having three joints in each foreleg and four in each rear one, plus a tail and a neck that can go up and down, as well as a jaw that can open wide. So kitty cat is very limber in this incarnation.

The only thing missing for the perfect Ravage look is weapons. His trademark flank missiles are missing this time around, leaving him with nothing but his teeth and (presumably) claws. Still, in terms of detailing and articulation, the best Ravage so far. Very nicely done.

Alternate Mode: Like many of the original 1984 Decepticons, Ravage is saddled with a rather dated alternate mode, a cassette tape. While micro tapes still see some use in Dictaphones, they have more or less faded from public awareness in the last 20 years. So for a modern day Ravage, we need a different alternate mode. Something square-shaped that’s used to store data such as music on, something like a USB stick. So now Ravage folds together into a 2 GB USB stick and does a very good job of it.

The stick is fully functional and can plug into any computer with a USB port. Apart from storage space, it also contains a little piece of software that can conjure a prowling Ravage figure onto your desktop if you so please, though it only works when the stick is plugged in. In order to protect the actual plug, you can pull it back into the stick’s body with a small lever on the bottom side. So all in all, everything you would expect from a working USB stick. No complaints at all.

Remarks: Takara-Tomy has brought out several “Label” series of Transformers that feature figures that transform into licensed household items that – except for the Sports Label figures – actually work. Case in point Device Label Ravage, a working USB stick. And not only is he a working USB stick, he’s also a damn fine figure to boot. Just about the only downside I see here is that there is no direct compatibility with Music Label Soundwave, but that’s more Soundwave’s fault than Ravage’s, as he doesn’t feature an USB port. Otherwise, though, an excellent Ravage. Well worth getting and fully recommended to all Ravage fans.

Rating: A-
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