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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Combat
Year: 2004

It is my destiny to lead.
Starscream has been reborn and is still caught in his own personal battle of choosing the side of good or evil. The high dose of Energon, which brought him back to life, has also given him incredible powers that he is learning to control. Starscream's new hyper power turns him into pure energy, allowing him to ghost from one location to the next. This phantom ability, combined with Starscream's new power sword, makes him a dangerous adversary to all that oppose him, including Megatron.

Robot Mode: Starscream is an entirely new mold, but heavily influenced by G2 Smokescreen and it's been done right. He has inherited the cool looks and great posability of his predecessor and with the added size, more detailing, and good weaponry supplied he is a definite improvement. His weapons are a rifle and a sword, which can be combined into a larger sword. Starscream, like most Energon Decepticons, has a so-called Hyper Mode. In his case he flips over his wings and fastens his weapons to them, giving him shoulder-mounted guns.

Alternate Mode: No surprise here, Starscream becomes a jet. Again some definite improvements over the jet mode of G2 Smokescreen. Real wings (Smokescreen was more of an arrow-shaped craft), more great detailling, and nothing to complain about. The same Hyper Mode available to the robot can be used here, just flip over the wings and apply the weapons. Otherwise the weapons can go under the wings or stay off. An all-around solid jet mode.

Remarks: The character of Starscream in the Energon TV series was far from interesting. Revived by Alpha Quintesson after his demise in Armada, he was sent after both Optimus Prime and Megatron, failed to kill either of them, and was then reprogrammed by Megatron into a loyal drone. That's pretty much it. The toy is top-notch, though, the only real complaint I have about him is that he is a little too small to compete with the larger, leader-class figures. Apart from that, though, there is nothing wrong with Starscream. A good improvement of an already great mold.

Rating: B+
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