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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Predator
Function: Communications Expert
Year: 1992

Hate till it hurts and then hate some more!
The only land-based Predator. A truly twisted mind that is capable of the purest evil. The master of the double bluff. Uses supertech "Garble" system to protect Predator signals from Turbomaster spies. Then slyly scrambles their communications to wreak the havoc and confusion he loves. As vehicle, stands solid as a four tracked armoured satellite station and rocket launcher with five missiles. As robot, towers above the battle wielding impressive hand held fighting power.

Robot Mode: Stalker gives a good show in the looks department despite the slightly odd mix of colours. Dark green going on turquise, red going on purple, gold, and light green. With the multiple missiles attached to his body, not to mention the huge one riding on his shoulder, Stalker doesn't have to sit back in the arms department, either. His one big disadvantage is the posability factor, for he has little of it. He can bend his knees, move the shoulders, and bend the elbows sideways. That's it. Compared to other robots of that time it isn't bad, but it's not particularly good, either. Bottom line a solid robot mode, but nothing too special.

Alternate Mode: In vehicle mode Stalker still looks good, but has pretty much zero features. The missile can apparently do ... something. There is a sliding panel on top and some sort of lever, but I haven't figured it out yet. Anyway, the mode is solid and gives a good showing as some kind of military artillery vehicle, but again, nothing too special.

Remarks: Stalker is a toy from the twilight days of Generation 1, more specifically the days when G1 was already over in the US, but still putting out figures in Europe. Stalker was later brought to the States as part of the dreadful Machine Wars line of toys and got the name Soundwave in the process. His head does have some resemblance to G1 Soundwave, but not much. He was reissued, again under the name Soundwave, in 2004 für the Universe line.

As a toy Stalker makes a solid showing the looks department, but doesn't offer that much in terms of play value. I'd label him one of the better toys of G1's twilight days and bought him mostly because he came cheap and because he's a European exclusive.

Rating: C
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