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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Basic Omnicon
Year: 2004

Robot Mode: Skyblast makes for a good looking robot, a nice combination of airplane parts and mostly white colouring giving him a kind of sky-hero air, only enhanced when he carries his weapons combined into a spear. For a basic-sized toy he has good posability (though he can't bend his knees, which dragged him down a bit for me). He's an all-around good robot with no major points against him, good looks, and a kick-ass weapon.

Vehicle Mode: An airplane that looks more like a space craft, Skyblast gives a good showing in this mode as well. The transformation into vehicle mode is simple, yet good. The detailing is quite nice for a toy this size, including thrusters, a landing gear, and other nifty stuff. The jet mode can be enhanced using the parts of his Energon weapon, but the wing enhancements don't click on tight and the long weapon under the cockpit looks grotesquely oversized in my opinion. Best to leave him in his basic jet mode, he looks good enough there.

Partners / Add-Ons: Like all basic-sized Omnicons Skyblast comes with an Energon star that can fit onto pretty much every other Energon toy out there as a power boost. His Energon weapon can also be used by other Transformers from the Energon line.

Remarks: Skyblast is an Omnicon, one of those Autobots specifically designed to handle raw Energon and forge it into Energon weapons for the larger Autobots to wield against the Decepticons. He did appear in the TV series quite a bit, but never saw that much action as he had more of a background role.

As far as looks go, Skyblast looks more like G1 Skyfire than G1 Jetfire does on his best day and I really like the look. The toy itself is good and makes for a nice addition to your Energon collection if you can get it for a decent price.

Rating: B-

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