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Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic
Year: 2000

If you're strong enough, there are no precedents.
Highly intelligent, Longhorn is a warrior philosopher. One of the most powerful Maximals, believes that war is trying, but necessary. A talented strategist as well as a front-line warrior. Well liked by his comrades for his circumspect attitude and admired for tenacity in battle. Often shouts his slogan, "When I see Vehicons, I see red... when I see red, things get ugly!" before charging fearlessly into battle. Generates paralyzing thunderclaps by stomping on the ground. Reinforced skull and horns release concentrated lightning bolts. Despite serious demeanor Longhorn takes great joy in battle, especially when goring Vehicons. Considers himself a vegetarian.

Robot Mode: The first two things one notices about Longhorn usually are that a) he's got big horns and b) he's got clubs (his beast mode front legs) fused into his hands. Let's start with the latter, as it's the feature that has me stumped the most. On the one hand I really like the idea of beast mode parts becoming weapons and the sculpt is very nicely done here. On the other hand, though, it would have been much better if Longhorn could actually put his weapons aside instead of having them fused into his hands. What if he needs to pick up something?

Leaving the hand issue aside, Longhorn is a very nicely sculpted, posable, and good-looking robot. The only thing that might bother some people is that the way his torso is put together leaves him with something of an incomplete chest. From certain angles you can look right through him. Otherwise, though, no complaints. Arms and legs are fully posable, the head is very nicely sculpted and his detailing is very impressive for a figure in this size class. So all in all a very nice robot mode, just with certain hand issues.

Alternate Mode: There aren't that many bulls in the Transformers history, so Longhorn's beast mode is somewhat rare. Only two others come to mind, which are Tantrum, of course, and Bonecrusher (both of whom are technically buffalos, not bulls, though in Tantrum's case he could easily pass as either). And despite its techno-organic nature, Longhorn's beast mode is easily recognisable for what it is, so no complaints on that front.

The bull is also very posable in the legs. The head is immobile, stuck in a 'I'm-about-to-ram-my-horns-right-down-your-throat' pose, but there's nothing with that. The ring through the nose might piss off the animal rights activists among my readership, as putting rings through a bull's nose is a very barbaric and cruel practice, but I doubt anyone forced Longhorn to wear it. He doesn't seem the type. Anyway, detailing, posability, and overall looks are all pretty great for Longhorn's beast mode, so there's really nothing bad I can say about this beast mode.

Remarks: Longhorn is among the many Beast Machines figures who never did appear in the TV series and he's yet to make an appearancein any comic book or text story, either. His name was recycled for the original Universe series, but given to a different mold (which was formerly Ramulus). The closest the Longhorn mold has come to being reused was the 2006 Botcon comic book, where the original G1 Predacons were shown in the shadows and Tantrum's new body appeared to be based on Longhorn. Apart from that, though, Longhorn has been getting very little attention so far.

As a figure, though, there is very little wrong with Longhorn. The hands thing isn't a hundred percent to my liking, but it's an original idea and nicely executed. Longhorn is lacking that little something extra that would enable me to classify him as a great figure, but he's good, solid, and certainly worth a look despite his lack of in-media appearances. Recommended to all Beast-fanatics.

Rating: B+


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