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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Command Terrorcon
Year: 2004


If I do not crush you with my claws, I will finish you with my sting!
Scorponok is a power-hungry warrior who believes that he is the rightful leader of the Decepticon. He can back up this claim with a three-mode arsenal and a nasty attitude. In scorpion mode, beware of his huge mechanical claws and energon stinger. In vehicle mode, Scorponok is a powerful jet and construction vehicle with a talent for destruction. Megatron beware! This dangerous Decepticon is coming for you.

Robot Mode:Scorponok looks stocky and powerful, mostly due to his massive hands/claws. His scorpion sting extends above his head with the twin cannons deployed to give him all the firepower he needs and if that isn't enough he can launch missiles from between his pincers. He is a bit too colourful for my taste, but that is the only real drawback I can make out. Well, one more, really. His posability in total is good, but his shoulder movements are very much restricted due to the large claws and the shoulder configuration. All in all, though, a good robot mode with some minor flaws.

Alternate Modes: Scorponok is a triple changer with two alternate modes. The first is a Scorpion (hardly a stretch), though it is less a mechanical animal than a ground vehicle with some scorpion-traits. He has no legs, but rolls along on tank threads and instead of a head he has a kind of cockpit on top. Still, the massive claws and tail come into play again, giving him a dangerous and sinister air.

His second mode is a jet and that is the worst of the three in my opinion. It's a not particularly stable mode (the folded-up legs wobble) and it has no real wings. The snout of the jet is the extended scorpion tail and I can't see it staying in this positon very long without folding down.

Remarks: Scorponok is one of the pivotal characters of the cartoon. First a bad guy, then revealed as a more or less decent guy, then turned into a true bad guy at the hands of Megatron. As leader of the Terrorcons he wreaks a lot of carnage.

The toy is pretty decent, though the jet mode is not very good. It doesn't hold that much of a resemlance to the G1 Scorponok but still makes for a great toy and I wanted him as part of my toy collection to bolster the ranks of the Energon Decepticons (who need all the good toys they can get, thinking of busts such as Demolisher and Cruellock).

Rating: B

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