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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Combat Store Exclusive
Year: 2004

Robot Mode: Optimus is a spitting image to his larger cousin, Energon Optimus Prime. He is significantly smaller, though, almost too small for a deluxe figure. His posability is still excellent, though, and I like his legs better than those of the larger version (they don't look so spindly). He has the same, slightly tubby look, but I've long since gotten over that. All in all a decent robot mode, if a bit short.

Alternate Mode: This Optimus, too, transforms into a truck. He doesn't have a trailer in this incarnation, but that's not a big minus. Unfortunately, just like with the larger version, the truck looks piecemeal and rough and it's even worse at putting away the antennna / helmet. Definitely not a figure for fans of trucks.

Combiner Modes: The point of this Deluxe version of Optimus Prime is to allow him to enter powerlinx combinations with the other Energon powerlinx combiners. Like all of them, Optimus can become either an upper or a lower body. The upper body mode looks pretty good and I have little to complain about here. It goes together well with most deluxe lower bodies and even most Mega lower bodies.

Unfortunately the lower body mode is pretty much garbage. The legs are way too short and the folded out parts of his robot-mode chest are just in the way, no matter what you do. My guess is the designers concentrated on making a nice upper body mode and just tacked this on for completeness, thinking that the Autobot leader would never be a lower body anyway. And he shouldn't be, because he sucks at it.

You can see all possible powerlinx combos of Optimus on my Powerlinx Combo Page (at least once I've updated it).

Remarks: This deluxe-sized version of the Energon commander was available exclusively at Toys R'Us in a package with TRU Exclusive Megatron. But while the Megatron figure is every bit as good, if not better, than its larger predecessor, this deluxe Prime is pretty weak in comparison. He does make for a good robot and upper body for powerlinx figures, but the rest is pretty bad and gives the impression that not a whole lot of love was put into this design. I'd recommend the package only for fans of Megatron or those who want to complement their line of deluxe combiners.

Rating: C-
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