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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Mega
Year: 2003

Eat my vapor trail.
Jetfire is a skilled and professional Autobot soldier who has fought alongside Optimus Prime in many battles. He likes to come across as care free among his Autobot comrades but is down right serious when fighting Decepticons. He can transform into a powerful space shuttle and is able to power-linx with Ironhide. A great teacher in the ways of battle, Jetfire has vowed to shape Ironhide into a seasoned warrior like himself.

Robot Mode: Jetfire's robot mode looks stocky and powerful, his broad shoulders and thick legs giving him an air of power. There are some bad parts, too, though. His arms are too short and the balljoints aren't exactly tight. His head isn't the greatest, either, and the tailfins on his shoulders are an acquired taste (though I don't mind them so much now as when I first saw them). All in all I think they should have tried to stick more to the classic Jetfire look, but this new one doesn't look too bad.

Alternate Mode: Jetfire transforms into a futuristic space shuttle. I'm not really sure whether it looks good or bad. What bothers me is the huge empty space underneath the cockpit between the thrusters. You can fit his rifle there, but it still sticks out. Bottom line, an acquired taste.

Combiner Mode: Jetfire can combine with other mega-sized figures like Ironhide and Cliffjumper into a powerlinx figure. He can either form an upper body (becoming Powerlinx Jetfire) or a lower body for one of the others. I'm not going to go into all possible combinations here, just some basics. Generally speaking Jetfire looks better as a lower body, his legs extending and his thrusters jutting out from the hips to give flying power to whatever other Autobot he combines with.

Becoming an upper body doesn't look that good for Jetfire. His cockipit extends up behind his head, his legs become arms, but don't really look the part. All in all, not too good. He serves better as a lower body for one of the other Powerlinx figures.

You can see all possible combinations of Powerlinx Jetfire on my Powerlinx Combos Page.

Remarks: Jetfire is one of the classic names of Transformers myth and after his appearance in Armada it was a given that he'd return reformatted for Energon. The result is, well, a mixed blessing. A good robot mode with some flaws, a slightly strange vehicle mode, and one good Powerlinx mode makes for a figure that could have been a lot better, but isn't all bad, either.

Rating: C


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