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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Combat
Year: 2003

Always look before you leap!
Inferno is a true Autobot, always looking out for the safety and well-being of those around him. In vehicle mode he is a powerful firetruck capable of heroic and often dangerous search and rescue missions. In robot mode he is a skilled targetmaster and sniper. Inferno thinks before he acts, aware of the consequences of his actions. He is able to powerlinx with Hot Shot and always provides a well thought-out approach before battle.

Robot Mode: Inferno's robot mode is a clear homage to his G1 counterpart, being almost identical in colour, build, and shape. Inferno is his own robot, though, and quite a great-looking one at that. The designers really hit the right combination here, creating a toy that looks like a robot that becomes a vehicle, yet still manages to look like a personality. He is very posable and his huge missile launcher, as well as his stocky build, make him look exactly like what he's supposed to be: A robotic warrior. Straight A for this robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Inferno transformers into a kind-of fire engine, a red emergency vehicle with what looks like a water hose on top (actually his missile launcher). The transformation sequence is simple, but effective. The only real drawback here is that his head sticks out on top. The face is covered by the wing-like shields that fold out sideways in his robot mode, but still. If they'd found a better way to hide the head this one would have been perfect, but even though it's still pretty good.

Combiner Mode: Inferno can combine with Deluxe-sized toys like Hot Shot or Rodimus into a powerlinx robot. Each can form either the upper or the lower body, the one forming the upper one giving his name to the combined toy. Powerlinx Inferno (meaning Inferno is the upper body) is by far the superior of his two possible configurations. Basically it's Inferno with his legs swiveled away, becoming huge cannons jutting out from behind his shoulders. He retains all his posability in this mode and both Hot Shot and Rodimus make for good lower bodies. The combiner modes with Inferno on top are very, very good.

Unfortunately the other variants with Inferno as a lower body are nowhere near as good. Inferno forms a decent-looking lower body, but it's pretty much a brick. He can spread his legs a bit, that's it. Hot Shot as an upper body isn't much better, his thick legs become his arms, making him look deformed. Rodimus makes for a good top, but again, the lack of posability. Stick with the other way around, boys, it's much better that way.

You can see all possible combinations of Powerlinx Inferno on my Powerlinx Combos Page.

Remarks: Inferno is definitely one of the best Energon toys to date. A good vehicle mode, a very good robot mode, and a great upper-body-mode for powerlinx combinations. Add to that his interesting development in the cartoon series, and you have one must-have toy. This one is highly recommended.

Rating: A-


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