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Series: Alternators
Allegiance: Decepticon
Year: 2005

Today's Autobots are tomorrow's scrap metal.
Excavated from a prehistoric layer, file "X-9" was the base from which Ravage was reborn. Possessing memories and knowledge of the future, Ravage poses a fearsome presence. Using an electromagnetic emission shield and the latest in BT technology, he is able to hide his presence from others completely both in vehicle and robot mode. With his back rockets and waist thrusters, Ravage can stay airborne for an extended period of time. Operates best alone and is crafty in devising deadly new strategies. Seeking Decepticons forever to be the ruling faction, he regrets not having been successful in achieving his goal in the past. Ravage now sees this as the perfect opportunity to change the future.

Robot Mode: Ravage (which is what I'm going to call him here, as Battle Ravage sounds pretty stupid IMO) makes for a fetching robot. Of course the only thing he has in common with the G1 figure of the same name is the head, seeing as G1 Ravage never had a robot mode. The colour scheme is the same as well, though, pretty much all black. Befitting a Decepticon Ravage is heavily armed, carrying twin rocket launchers on his shoulders, twin cannons on every forearm, and an engine-turned-handgun to boot. His posability is excellent, only hampered a bit by the amount of clutter hanging on his legs. The rocket launchers on his back can by deployed either over his shoulders or underneath his arms (the latter looks much worse, though). The jaguar head features a posably jaw. All in all Ravage gives a great showing in robot mode, actually reminding me more of the Beast Wars Ravage than his G1 counterpart.

Vehicle Modes: Ravage turns into a black Chevy Corvette and does a fine job of it, too. The resulting car is a convertible with no roof (pray to Primus it never rains or that cosmic rust might set in). It features the level of detail one has come to expect from the Alternators / Binaltech line. The interior features a steering wheel, seats, handbreak, and quite a few details ont he dashboard, too. The hood opens up to reveal the engine. A very nicely-made Corvette and it doesn't hurt that it's one of my favourite cars, either.

Remarks: First of a little side note. Usually the Japanese versions of Ravage were called Jaguar, but not in this case. Maybe there was some trouble with the Jaguar car company, so they couldn't give a car of a different company that name. Maybe they should have gotten a license from Jaguar for this toy? Anyway, Ravage makes for a fetching Decepticon in both modes. His mold was originally used for the Autobot Tracks, but somehow looks a lot cooler on him. The amount of kibble the robot carries around can be a bit troublesome at times, but it is no more than a minor flaw. Ravage is a very good Alternator and gives the Decepticon ranks some much-needed reinforcements. Now if only they could make a Decepticon not using a mold previously used by an Autobot ...

Rating: A-


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