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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Basic Terrorcon
Year: 2004

To challenge me is to accept your defeat.
Divebomb is a ruthless ninja-like Terrorcon. Like a bird-of-prey, he never misses his target. In robot mode, his sharp Energon blades and slashing tools give him the edge in close-range fighting. He uses his leg turbines to hover when battling his enemies, overwhelming them with powerful slashes. In hawk mode, his dangerous feathers can cut like blades. There is no stopping this Terrorcon once he has selected his prey.

Robot Mode: Divebomb looks very Manga-Warrior like in robot mode, a sleek and deadly warrior with huge green blades that can be attached to his forearms or put together into a huge throwing weapon. His huge boots ground him well and his hawk-hands complement the look. Bottom line, a very sleek-looking robot mode.

Beast Mode: Divebomb transformers into a hawk (or falcon, take your pick) and looks pretty sleek in this mode, too. The green blades can attach to his neck in this mode. The wings can fold out to give him quite a wingspan. He has feet with opposable claws in this mode. The only minor drawback is that his robot mode head is clearly visible on the hawk's rear, forming a tail fin of sorts. Best to look at this mode from the front or top only.

Partners / Add-Ons: Like all basic-sized Terrorcons Divebomb comes with an Energon star that can fit onto pretty much every other Energon toy out there as a power boost. His Energon weapons can also be used by other Transformers from the Energon line.

Remarks: In the cartoon Divebomb was featured as a generic Terrorcon drone, usually appearing in huge swarms to eat up Energon reserves. Those Divebombs never transformed into robot modes, either.

The toy looks very good, its style sort-of a flashback to the style used by Japanese animators during the eighties and early nineties. I'm very much a fan of that style (which looked ten times better than the crap they're putting out today). Divebomb is a bit small for my taste, but a very good toy apart from that. Definitely recommended.

Rating: A-

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