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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Combat
Year: 2004

Your cries of pain are music to my ears.
Demolishor is a nasty Decepticon with an equally nasty weapons arsenal. To challenge him would be futile. He loves the thrill of the fight but he especially enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies. In vehicle mode, he is a burly dump truck that is stacked with powerful Energon launchers capable of taking down any Autobot that stands in his way. Though a bit uncontrollable at times, Megatron prides Demolishor as one of the Decepticons greatest warriors.

Robot Mode: A burly, massive robot, Demolishor doesn't give the impression of a great thinker or master strategist. He looks like a rough-and-tumble fighter. His posability is quite good and his colour scheme fits him, only the absence of a hand weapon of some kind bothers me a bit. He does have all the weaposn he needs, though, when he deploys his backpack rocket launcher in hyper mode. His head folds forward in this mode, making him look very Hunchback-like, but again, it fits him somehow. A decent robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Demolishor transforms into a dump truck. Okay, there aren't that many dump trucks in Transformers history (Landfill comes to mind), but I have a hard time liking this mode. The driver's cabin is a cobbled-together mess from his arms and upper body and you can't put all that much into the back, reducing the play value. A below-average vehicle mode.

Remarks: Demolishor started out as one of the more interesting bad guys in the Energon cartoon, at first siding with the Autobots until he was certain that his old leader Megatron had indeed returned from the grave, then sacrificing his life for said leader as he switched sides. After his reformatting into this form, though, all his character pretty much vanished and he turned into a chest-pounding brute.

The figure as such has a decent robot mode, but the vehicle mode ranges from boring to bad, so I can recommend it only to Energon completists. I got it very cheap, that's my only excuse for buying it.

Rating: D+

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