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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2005

Back on Cybertron Smokescreen was considered a practical joker. Always ready with a gag and a laugh, he kept the mood light, even when the struggle against the black hole looked hopeless. Since the fight against the Decepticons on Earth heated up, though, his talent for trickery has been turned against the enemy. More than one Decepticon has been stuck in traffic at a series of nonfunctioning toll booths on a remote road in the middle of the desert.

Remarks: Smokescreen is a repaint of Galaxy Force Autovolt, so look for the full review of the figure there. Just some remarks on the differences. Smokescreen is, of course, a homage to the G1 character of the same name and his colours reflect that very well. The mold lends itself very nicely to many of the early Autobot characters with its typical car-hood-as-chest design, so that was an easy choice. Maybe future editions will be repainted as Prowl and Bluestreak? We'll see. Anyway, Smokescreen is both a good figure and a nice homage, so there really is nothing bad I can say about him. You don't necessarily need him and Autovolt/Crosswise, but as a Transformers fan you should own at least one version of this excellent mold.

Rating: B+

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