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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2006
Fearless leader of the Autobots for as long as most can remember, Optimus Prime is a wise commander, as well as a fearsome warrior. Despite his power, he prefers to resolve conflicts without violence, believing that even the most dedicated criminal can be redeemed. Many unfortunate villains have mistaken his compassion for weakness, and paid the price of evil at his mighty hands.

Prelude: Our worlds are in danger. To save them and the galaxy we must review this Optimus Prime figure from the Cybertron toyline before the Decepticons can use it for evil. It is our mission! Many thanks to my buddy Fuchs Geronimo for loaning me Optimus Prime for this review. Transform and let’s say go!

Robot Mode: This Deluxe version of Optimus Prime is a repaint of the Armada Supercon Optimus Prime figure from 2002. It’s been 18 years since I reviewed that figure (damn, I feel old), though, so I think we can give the mold another go.

This figure is basically Optimus Prime as he appeared in the Armada cartoon, just in slightly different colors. He basically shares the paintjob of Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime, his legs and forearms now black instead of blue, with a few blue highlights. Nothing else has changed about the figure itself. That includes the opening chest plate, where you fail to see a Matrix behind it.

This version of Optimus is one of the best-articulated figures of its time, especially considering that the Armada line sacrificed a lot of articulation for gimmicks. Not so here, as Optimus can move with the best of them. The only slight limitation is that, due to the bulk of his thighs, he cannot bend his legs at the hips very far, so high kicks are not his thing. Otherwise, though? No complaints about his bendiness at all.

The original figure had Mini-Con Over-Run for a partner and weapon, but Over-Run stayed back in the Armada line (or was killed by Energon Starscream, take your pick). So Optimus’ only weapons are the smoke stacks on his forearms. They can also be removed from his arms, but unlike those of the bigger Armada Optimus, they cannot be combined into a hand weapon. Best to leave them on. Matter of fact, best to glue them on, as the only reason for them to be removable is to make it easier to lose them.

Optimus’ original gimmick is still intact, though without a Mini-Con to activate it, he needs a special retooled Cyberkey to do it. The Cyberkey has received a Mini-Con port on its backside, so you can stick it onto the port on Optimus’ back to activate his punching gimmick. Not the best Armada gimmick ever, far from it, but it still works and doesn’t hinder this otherwise excellent figure in any way.

So bottom line: still an excellent robot mode. Whether you prefer the older paintjob or this newer one is really just a matter of taste.

Alternate Mode: Of course Optimus still transforms into he same truck as he did back in the days of Armada. Here the similarities to Galaxy Force Optimus Prime are even more pronounced as, apart from the colors, Optimus also sports all four Cyberkey symbols on his chassis.

Nothing else has changed. Still a nice-looking truck mode that cannot quite hide the fact that its rear end is a pair of robot legs. Fully compatible with the trailer of the bigger Armada Optimus Prime, too, for those who were wondering. So bottom line: a nice truck mode. Not exactly a great example of a robot in disguise, but fully functional.

Remarks: While the Optimus Prime appearing in the Cybertron cartoon is technically meant to be the same Optimus Prime we saw in Armada (cue arguments about whether Galaxy Force is a stand-alone series or not), he never sported his old Armada look in the Cybertron cartoon. So this figure here is really just there to fatten up the toyline with yet another repaint.

They did choose a great figure for said repaint, though, as Armada Supercon Prime was one of the best of the entire line. The fact that they left out his Mini-Con partner and replaced it with a far cheaper to make Cyberkey is a bit of a downer, sure, but doesn’t really take anything away from the figure itself.

So bottom line: everyone should own at least one version of this excellent mold and the Cybertron version might actually be among the cheapest to get.

Rating: B
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