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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Deluxe
Function: Combat Capture
Year: 2005

Since long in the distant past, Autovolt has continued to drive back Destrons lurking on Earth. Normally he patrols while losing himself among Earthen cars in the cities, but when he detects an enemy, he'll immediately head for the scene at high speed using the Burning Turbo of which he's so proud.

Robot Mode: Autovolt is a classic Autobot design, meaning the hood of the car becomes his chest and he has wings on his arms. The legs are not the back part of the car for a change, though, instead they are purely robotic with no car parts attached, giving him a more humanoid look. Autovolt is pretty posable, restricted only by the shield he carries on his left arm. Weapon-wise he can't complain at all. Apart from his main gun, which can double as a rocket pack on his back, he can use his force chip to flip missile launchers onto his shoulders. Finally, the two struts sticking up behind his back can swivel forward under his shoulders to serve as additional guns. All in all Autovolt is a very cool-looking, very versatile robot that offers lots of play value. No complaints at all.

Alternate Mode: Autovolt folds together into a pretty sleek sports car. Don't ask me what model, if any, he's based on. The car looks pretty cool and features most of the same gimmicks the robot mode does. The force chip flips the missile launchers onto the roof for firepower in car mode. The flame missile for his hand weapon serves as a nice afterburner effect. The only major flaw this mode has is the fact that you can clearly see his robot fists through the transparent windshield. If you ignore that, though, you have an excellent car mode.

Remarks: In the Galaxy Force cartoon Autovolt was a monster hunter, a Cybertron who hunted down Destrons pretending to be creatures of myth. He imprisoned them underneath the polar ice, but Starscream freed them eventually. Autovolt didn't play a really big part in the story afterwards, but as a toy he's pretty cool and doesn't have to take a backseat to anyone. For the Western world he was renamed Crosswise and then repainted to be a modern take on G1 Smokescreen. Whatever name you give this figur, though, it's quite excellent. A clear recommendation.

Rating: B+
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