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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Merchandise
Year: 2007

Potato Mode: Optimash Prime comes in a 'standard' configuration, meaning the way he's in his package. In this mode he has an Optimus helmet complete with mouthguard, a tiny Optimus chest plate, as well as Optimus feet and arms. The whole package looks pretty sweet. It's clearly Optimus, but in a very cute way. I especially like the huge eyes. Optimash can move his arms at the shoulders and bend at the... well, feet, seeing as he doesn't have any hip or legs.

Using the added parts you can customise Optimash to your heart's desire. You can take off the mouthguard and give him a nose, a mustache, and teeth (so that's what Peter Cullen looks like!!). You can also use the chestplate in reverse as a kind of sunglasses or use the mouthguard as a visor. There are other variations possible, of course. I expect that, if you have a 'real' Potato-head at home, you can probably scrounge parts from that one, too.

So bottom line, a very cute, very sweet version of Optimus Prime.

Extras / Add-Ons: Optimash Prime comes with the following pieces you can customise the potato with: A helmet, mouthguard, chest plate, feet, and arms for the Optimus Prime look, plus a few more generic pieces: Eyes, a nose, a mustache, teeth, as well as a tiny little Optimus toy truck. Not sure what the deal is with that last one, but it's kinda fun.

Remarks: The Potato-Head toys aren't as well known here in Germany as they are in America, but since Toy Story at the latest people on this side of the Atlantic will probably recognise this very special version of Optimus Prime for what it is.

This version of Optimus Prime resembles the G1 version more than the Movie version, but Optimus Prime is a very iconic character, especially in America, so recognition is not a problem here. Optimash Prime is probably not for everyone. If you prefer your Transformers realistic, grim, gritty, heavily armed, or very serious, then stay away. If you're an all-round Transformers fanatic like myself, though, this little guy here is a very sweet deal. Definitely recommended.

Rating: A
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