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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Legends
Year: 2005

Robot Mode: This is the red version of Hot Shot. The red repaint of the big Hot Shot is called Exillion (like the Japanese figure), but the red little guy remains Hot Shot. Whatever. Anyway, the figure as such is decent and actually a bit bigger than Optimus. Also, you can flip out the spoiler wings from his back like with the big version. No weapon, though. Bottom line, an average figure for his size.

Alternate Mode: A very good showing as a miniature sports car here and it does have the added merit of adapting the flip-out spoiler wings from the big version. Definitely one of the better vehicle modes in this size class.

Remarks: Hot Shot is slightly above average among the Legends figures, seeing as he carries over a gimmick from his big brother. He still doesn't have a weapon, but he's nice and the red repaint is good-looking. So if you have the big blue one and don't care to buy the same figure in red, the small one in red is a good alternative.

Rating: C+


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