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with Buzzer

Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Waruder
Categories: Deluxe
Function: War Riders
Year: 2015

All is for the Hive!
There are four main types of marauder drones used by the Waruder hive consisting of the onyx and purple Parasite drones with their Ripper pilots, the yellow and burnt orange Mudfighter drones with their Thrasher pilots, the crimson and pewter Storm Rider drones with their Crusher pilots, and the white and purple Paralyzer drones with their Buzzer pilots. While each drone has their own specialties, their overall mission is the same - swarm, devour, and carry digested metals back to feed the rest of the aplary.

The larger drones are more or less simple techno-organic host shells that the smaller insects control as protective exo-armor. The shells are able to convert between insect and robot mode to suit the task required. The venom from the shell's stinger attacks both organic and technology based biological systems alike, numbing neural pathways and seizing motor control. The pilots themselves can convert into miniature versions of the shells' modes and, if desperate, they can also change into a third, ranged weapon mode that the larger shell can operate. However, this hand-held mode risks the pilots becoming detached from the larger insects, and rendering the shells largely useless as they have no intelligence or instinct of their own.

Prelude: Almost every Botcon exclusive set contains a set of army builders, multiple incarnations of the same figure with (possibly) different paint jobs, whose job it is to fill out the ranks. For the 2015 set these army builders were the Waruders, named after the bad guys from the original Diaclone toy line that gave birth to the Transformers. The fourth and final member of these Botcon Waruders is Paralyzer and his (her?) Minicon Buzzer. Here we go.

Remarks: Paralyzer is part of the Waruders set from Botcon 2015 and a repaint of Generations Waspinator. Since I’ve already reviewed Waspinator, as well as fellow Waruders Storm RiderMudfighter, and Parasite, just a few short words on the differences.

Paralyzer comes in white, black, purple, and pink, which kind of evokes a feminine air for this bot. Neither the tech spec nor the Botcon exclusive comic give the Waruders any gender, though, so nothing to it. I think this figure would look pretty spiffy next to Beast Wars Arcee, though. Anyway, colors aside this is the exact same figure we’ve seen quite a few times before, so really nothing new here. Just like the rest Paralyzer comes with a Minicon companion that is also a repaint of a Waspinator toy, the Thrilling 30 Waspinator, named after the Dreadnok Buzzer from GI Joe. Dreadnok Buzzer was a blonde, so Waruder Buzzer is yellow, even though it doesn’t really fit well with Paralyzer’s paint job in my opinion.

So bottom line, the fourth and final Waruder. It took me a lot of time to finish this review, mostly because I really had nothing left to say regarding this figure that I haven’t already said elsewhere. If you intend to buy only a single Waruder, my favorite remains Storm Rider. The whole set is still well-worth getting, though, and usually doesn’t come that expensive, either. So for all fans of the Waspinator mold or references to pre-Transformers toy lines, this one is worth a look.

Rating: B
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