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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Scout
Year: 2006

Hardtop has been left on Earth to serve as a spy, tracker, and ground-based spotter for the aerial team of Starscream and Thundercracker. He uses his impressive array of sensors not only to pinpoint Autobot targets up to 7,000 miles away, but also to listen to and record the treasonous whining of Starscream. Though he generally prefers to hang back from the front lines of a fight, he finds a certain pleasure in taking pot shots at Autobots with his super-precise, long-range laser rifle.

Robot Mode: Some robots just have the Transformers-look down pat and Hardtop is one of them. I can't pinpoint anything specific I like about him, but he looks great overall. The head, the build, the detailing, everything. A very good-looking robot mode with good posability. The only thing that slightly bugs me is his weapon. It's a rifle that, when using the Cyberkey, becomes... a longer rifle. Great! Apart from the somewhat lame gimmick, though, a very good robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Hardtop transforms into a military-style jeep complete with gun on top. The vehicle has some elements of a dune buggy, too, but all in all it looks pretty decent. The Cyberkey gimmick is fully functional in this mode as well. Also, the transformation from robot to vehicle is surprisingly complex without being too difficult, which I always like. So all in all a very decent vehicle mode.

Remarks: Cybertron has its own share of no-show characters, many of them repaints of show characters. Hardtop is an original mold, though, and despite never having appeared in the cartoon he is a very decent toy with no obvious flaws except for the lame Cyberkey gimmick. So if you want a solid, fun car Transformer to bolster the ranks of your Cybertron Decepticons, Hardtop is your guy.

Rating: B-

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