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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2005

Breaking out of the mold of a loyal subordinate to Master Megatron, Starscream is an aloof warrior who has his sights on being leader of the Destrons. In addition to firing his special null beam cannons, he uses his Force Chip for the power of evil, unlocking blades from both arms. His attacks with these weapons inflict fatal wounds, inspiring terror among the Cybertrons.

Robot Mode: Starscream bears a lot of resemblance to his Armada incarnation in both colour and shape. He is still recognisable as Starscream, but looks grimmer and more dangerous than older versions of the character. His massive arms and broad chest give him an air of strength. Starscream carries a missile launcher and can use his force chip to unlock blades from his arms for close-quarter combat. Just one tiny flaw, he can't move the guns on his chest to point forward in robot mode. Apart from that, though, no complaints. Add excellent posability, restricted only somewhat by his massive arms, and you have an excellent robot.

Alternate Mode: The jet mode of this version of Starscream looks like a mixture between the pyramid-shaped flyers seen in the very first episode of the original Transformers cartoon and the jet mode from Dreamwave's War Within comic series. That is to say, it looks great. Not an Earth-based mode, but more futuristic and spacy. He can deploy his blades in this mode, too, and carries his missile launcher beneath the cockpit. Also an excellent jet mode.

Remarks: Galaxy Force Starscream comes with double accolades: He is the 300th Transformer to join my collection and he is the first Transformer that I'm reviewing as a married man. So give it up for Screamer!

In the cartoon Starscream was a very interesting and tough character, at least until he got his hands on the power of Primus and became a giant. Whereas he single-handidly defeated the entire Autobot force in his 'normal' mode, he regularly got his ass kicked after becoming god-like. This toy here is the regular-sized version of Starscream. The supreme-sized one stands as tall as Unicron or Omega Supreme. Shelf-space being what it is, though, I think I'll stick to the smaller one. It's quite excellent.

Rating: A-

Additional Trivia: Despite being the "official" Starscream of the line, this toy was never released in the Cybertron toyline, presumably so it wouldn't hinder the sales of the much bigger (and more expensive) Supreme-Class Starscream toy.
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