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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Scout Terrorcon
Year: 2006

Remarks: This blue version of the Scrapmetal drone (which I already own in red and yellow, so look there for the full review), was exclusive to Takara in Japan, making it the only colour-variant Scrapmetal/Ramble not available in the western world. Which is kinda sad, seeing as colour-wise he's my favourite of the three. The blue just looks very good on him. And he's still a very nimble, extremely well-made little guy, possibly the best basic-sized figure I've ever seen. Just like his siblings he only ever appeared in the cartoon in the form of endless hordes of Terrorcon vermin, but whatever. I love this little guy. Everyone should have a full set of Scrapmetals/Rambles.

Rating: A
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