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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Other Villain
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2005

This mysterious Transformer appeared out of nowhere. He bears both Cybertron and Destron emblems. Through his secret activities, he creates confusion on both sides, bringing about great shifts in the situation of battle. What could his true purpose be? Everything about him is veiled in mystery.

Robot Mode: Noisemaze kicks ass in robot mode. He has nifty detailing, a non-standard head without a clear face, and just an all-around cool look. I'm not sure what to call that boxy thing he has on his right arm, but it's where he has both Autobot and Decepticon logos (the latter appearing if you load in his force chip). It also springs transparent orange blades, his primary weapon. He can also use the wings from his jet mode, usually folded along his legs, as cutting weapons as well. His posability is excellent and, combined with his cool looks, makes for an excellent Transformer.

Alternate Mode: Transforming into a kind-of jet, Noisemaze looks as excellent here as in robot mode. The transformation sequence is relatively easy, yet manages to fold up the entire robot into a sleek package. The jet can also shift emblems by entering the force chip and can deploy the orange blades, though I don't see much sense in them in this mode. Bottom line, though, an excellent jet mode.

Remarks: Shady characters whose allegiances aren't easily apparent are often the most interesting. Noisemaze is such a character, much like his American namesake Sideways was in the Armada cartoon. The toy itself is one of the most original designs to come out in years, I think, and easily rivals Vector Prime when it comes to detailing. Definitely a recommended toy.

Rating: A-
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