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Series: Movie AllSpark Power
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2008

Deployed as part of an in-force recon squad to the hotter spots in the galaxy, Camshaft is used to trouble. Most of the time, Bumblebee is the first to touch down on an alien world, but when Optimus Prime needs to know the lay of the land under extremely hostile conditions, he sends in Camshaft and the crew. His adaptive armor, enhanced by the power of the Allspark, can harden to resist the most brutal environmental conditions. His weapons systems are designed to disable Decepticon units quickly and quietly. Camshaft is the perfect scout to call on when you need someone to hit the ground firing.

Prelude: Well, who'd have thought that we'd get the repaint only a very short time after being presented with the Original? In this case, though, comparisons must be made, if for no other reason than to show how bad the quality of these repaints can be. Camshaft wobbles, Camshaft rattles, his big ray gun almost falls out, the plastic feels brittle... it's just cruel! I hope this is only the case with my version of him. Still, Camshaft does have some positive aspects, too.

Alternate Mode: Camshaft, how else could it be, also transforms into a Chevrolet Cobalt, but this time it's a pimped-out version with "modern" finish. He's silver/grey with some black surfaces, which are probably meant to represent carbon-style finish. He features blue decals on the sides, which are rather unremarkable at first glance. On second glance, though, you might discover a nice little gimmick. The right side of Camshaft features his initials in the decals, while the left side has them mirrored. A nice idea, I think. The windows and the headlights are now tinted blue instead of clear - maybe caused by the AllSpark? Who knows? Another nice thing is that Camshaft, unlike Swindle, features clearly recognisable rear lights, though those are in a completely different spot on the real Chevrolet Cobalt.

Robot Mode: The robot mode of my Camshaft resembled a head-first drop into a deep, dark abyss of despair, which nearly ruined this nice toy for me. The figure is simply abysmal, low-rate plastic has been used and put together cheaply. The big gun is so loose it nearly drops out. If I hadn't known how to fix that thanks to a Swindle custome I did, I'd have complained to Hasbro. His ankles are also very loose, only by tightening each screw by hand and pressing stuff together did he come close to being stable. Just like with Swindle Camshaft can extend a kind of flak-cannon here and it looks even cooler for him than it does for Swindle.

Rating: C+

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