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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2005

Racing is what gives Nitro Convoy's life meaning, and he boasts of a fleetness unmatched even on planet Speedia. Thanks to his remarkable abilities, he rules as Speedia's leader, and all its inhabitants show respect and admiration for him. However, he is not seeking the universal peace that the Planet Force will bring, but instead continues to quest after only his own speed. Yet, I believe that he is bound to join the Cybertron forces in pursuit of the fate that will steer the stars.

Robot Mode: Looking at Nitro Convoy in robot mode, I'm no longer quite as surprised that they made him a female character for Cybertron, the American version of Galaxy Force. He does have a slightly female air to him, especially in the legs. His robot form is very much manga-influenced, but not necessarily in a bad way. I'm not too wild about his weapon, seeing as he can't bend his elbow if you leave the force chip in. All in all Nitro Convoy is a robot with cool looks, but some design problems, especially in the back. The backpack, which is basically the hood of the car mode, doesn't really fold together all that well and is far from stable. His posability is good, but the ball joints in his legs are not tight enough considering his upper body weight. So if I combine good looks with slightly shoddy design I guess you can call it an average robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Nitro Convoy becomes a futuristic racing car. Much like with the robot mode, it looks cool, but the design isn't all that great. The hood becomes a loose collection of parts upon closer inspection and the wings in the back are just cheap rubber, which I can see tearing already. So again, an average car mode.

Remarks: Nitro Convoy is a good-looking figure with bad design, that's my take on it. He had a fairly big role in the cartoon series, so that might be a good reason to get him, but if you just look at the toy I wouldn't recommend him. Nitro Convoy was turned into a female character for the American version of Galaxy Force (and his face was recoloured pink, apparently), just a funny little side note.

Rating: C-
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