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with Flameout

Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2017

Remarks: Twin Twist is a remold of Topspin, whom I have previously reviewed. So just a few words on the differences between these figures. First thing, the mold changes. The actual figures are nearly identical, but where Topspin has wings, Twin Twist has tank tracks, so that his vehicle form is a ground vehicle instead of an aircraft. The ‘fork’ around the cockpit has been remolded to resemble two drills (the source of his name). Finally, the ‘engines’ on the back of the vehicle have been remolded a bit. That’s it in terms of changes, but enough so that a believable science fiction style space jet becomes a drill tank.

Next up: colors. Twin Twist is almost a photo-negative of Topspin, the white-grey and blue swapped except for the thighs. A few different colored highlights and the robot looks almost entirely different. Add a different face on his Titan Master head, and you have Twin Twist instead of Topspin. Very nicely done.

You can pretty much copy & paste my other remarks from Topspin here. An excellent mold, very nicely showcasing two of my favorite comics-only characters from Transformers. Don’t really think of them as Headmasters, to be honest, but the gimmick doesn’t hurt, either. So bottom line here: you need both of the classic Jumpstarters! What’s Topspin without Twin Twist and vice versa? And even if they weren’t the kind of duo that you just DON’T split up, they are two different versions of an excellent mold and well worth getting. Only a very slight and somewhat subjective point deduction here as a drill tank isn’t as cool a space fighter.

Rating: A-
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