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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2006

Life Convoy loves flying on Earth almost as much as he loved soaring over the epic skylines of Seibertron. He's been in hiding on Earth since guardianship of the Planet Force was passed on to him millions of years ago. He feels a keen affection for the people of Earth, whose history he has observed from its very beginning. It frustrates him that the Transformers must keep their presence on Earth a secret, because he recognises the potential value of humans as allies. Courageous, determined and gentle, Life Convoy avoids fighting when he can, but if forced into combat, he can be a very tough opponent. He is dedicated to the protection of other life in all its forms.
(Adapted from Cybertron Evac's bio)

Robot Mode: As befits one of Galaxy Force's (or Cybertron's) planetary leaders (or Convoys) Live Convoy makes for a regal-looking robot. A very posable and finely detailed robot, Live Convoy has a look that just screams authority and righteousness, almost like a SF-style knight. I love the look of this guy. As far as play value goes he offers quite a bit, too. The wench and hook from the helicopter mode sit in his right forearm, the helicopter's rotor blades on his left (either folded up into two double blades or folded out into all four blades). Additionally his force chip gimmick causes two missile launchers to snap up from his back, which can then be put into position on his shoulders. Here's the only small flaw in this otherwise great robot, the design is such that the launchers can't quite fold down properly onto shoulders because of the head, they need to remain angled upwards a bit. That isn't a major thing, though, and don't pull this great robot down much.

Vehicle Mode: There have been quite a number of Transformers whose alternate mode is a helicopter, but Live Convoy might just be the most original helicopter in a long time. Unlike the usual military-style copter, he's a rescue helicopter, complete with a hook on a winch. The entire vehicle looks pretty good and the orange colouring is quite realistic for a rescue copter and the detailing is pretty good, too, including the interior of the cockpit, visible through the yellow-tinted windshield. The force chip gimmick is fully functional in this mode as well, flipping the two missile launchers forward to shoot down enemies. Bottom line, a very good vehicle mode.

Remarks: Live Convoy is one of the first truly original characters to come around in quite some time, so I'm very happy to see him. A cool robot mode, a very nice vehicle mode, and while his role in the cartoon wasn't exactly big, he did appear as one of the planetary leaders (or Convoys), rounding out my collection of golden Cyberkeys. Live Convoy is an all-around good figure with no weaknesses and is definitely worth getting. Recommended.

Rating: A-
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