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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2005

After learning some tough lessons at the ruthless hands of Animatros' dictator Flame Convoy, Jackshot found greater strength in himself than he thought possible and morphed into the mighty Ligerjack! His new lion mode is a nearly unstoppable hunter, perfectly adapted to life and battle in the jungles of Animatros. Teamed up with the planet's rebels, he's determined to bring the fight to the evil dragon-bot and his Destron cronies in a final battle for freedom and Animatros' Planet Force!
(Adapted from the Cybertron Leobreaker's Bio)

Robot Mode: An mega-sized (Voyager class) robot, Ligerjack stands tall and powerful and makes for an imposing figure. He is pretty streamlined, no boxiness to be found, and his posability is good, though not as excellent as that of other Cybertron figures. One major drawback is that he can hardly turn his head, another that the plates on his hip somewhat interfere with his arm movements. He carries his lion tail as a whip and his force chip can activate his Wolverine-style claws, which look pretty impressive. He could have used some kind of long-range weapon, though. There is enough resemblance to his previous incarnation Overhaul/Jackshot, especially in the head, that you can recognize them as being the same character. All in all Ligerjack offers few complaints, though for some reason his proportions seem off to me.

Beast Mode: This is where Ligerjack truly shines. The lion mode is excellent. While retaining some robotic elements that make certain you can't mistake it for a natural lion, it is still very sleek and streamlined, giving an impression of speed and power. All four legs are fully posable in this mode and you can twist the tail, too. The jaw can't move, but that is forgiveable. Ligerjack can activate his claws in this mode, too, giving him extra-long claws for pouncing action. Bottom line, this is Ligerjack's best mode.

Combiner Mode: Ligerjack can combine with Optimus Prime / Galaxy Convoy to form Liger Convoy (or Savage Claw). One of Optimus' arms retracts (left or right one, your choice) and is replaced by a folded-up Ligerjack. The result looks interesting. The new arm is, of course, much larger than normal proportions dictacte, but it still manages to look impressive. There is no hand, of course. In the cartoon a hand was formed from light or something, but there is nothing here. Instead Liger Convoy can use both of Ligerjack's long claws for devastating attacks. Despite the bulkiness of the arm, it is fully posable, making for a strange, but somehow likeable combiner mode.

Remarks: Ligerjack is the enhanced version of Jackshot / Overhaul, reformatted by Animatros' planet force into a more powerful warrior. He was also one of the more interesting characters in the cartoon, always having trouble keeping his tempter under control. The figure as such is pretty good, offering a very good beast mode, a strange but interesting combiner mode, and a solid robot mode. I'd say you don't need to have Optimus Prime / Galaxy Convoy to make this toy interesting, he can stand on his own. Recommended to all Cybertron fans.

Rating: B
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