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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Ultra
Year: 2005

Flame Convoy is the absolute leader of the planet Animatros, which is inhabited by animal- and monster-mode Transformers. He is more determined than anyone else to protect his world, and his presence is so overwhelming that not even Master Megatron can oppose it. The Death Flame unleashed from his three heads by his Force Chip ignition can turn everything before it to dust. Until now, he has used his power to enforce his rule, but only a very few know of the instructions hidden deep down within it.

Robot Mode: As befits a robot carrying the 'Convoy' title (the Japanese equivalent to 'Prime'), Flame Convoy looks regal and powerful. The spikes protruding from his body in various locations make him seem a lot broader than he actually is. The detailling on his body is awesome and the colour combination works very well for him. His posability is excellent except for one tiny flaw: He can't turn his wrists, making it a bit awkward to hold his long ax weapon in certain poses. Apart from that, though, no complaints. His force chip causes his two smaller dragon heads to flip up on his shoulders (accompanied by the classic G1 transformation sound) to work as flame throwers. All in all a near-perfect robot mode for the ruler of Animatros.

Alternate Mode: Flame Convoy transforms into a very cool-looking beast, kind of like a mixture between a dragon and the three-headed hellhound from Greek mythology. The detailling and the colouring are awesome in this mode as well and the force chip gimmick looks even cooler here. Be it with one head or with three, Flame Convoy's animal mode is a very, very good mode and I can find nothing to complain about it.

Remarks: The ruler of Animatros, the Jungle Planet, started out as a villain, then a grudging ally, then a villain again, and finally one of the good guys. He was an interesting character whose primary motivation was to protect his world, but his means weren't always the best and he craved power and strength more than anything. As a toy Flame Convoy is one of the best the Cybertron / Galaxy Force line has to offer and except for the tiny thing with the wrists there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. If you buy any Cybertron / Galaxy Force figure, buy this one!

Rating: A-
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