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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2005

A wild outlaw, rugged villain of the rough backwaters of the Speed Planet; those who are fooled by the sheer size of Dirt Boss into thinking hes slow are soon left chocking on his exhaust. He lives to pound his opponents into the dust and leaves them spinning their wheels - that's if he decides to leave the wheels attached. Hot Shot is certain to learn some tough lessons from him.

Robot Mode: Dirt Boss is big für a deluxe size robot. Despite being relatively slender the wheels on his back give him a broad figure. That said, I don't really like the look of the robot mode. Plus there are some design problems. Nothing major, but enough to bug me. The head doesn't fit properly onto the torso, the legs don't bend right at the hips, causing him to always adopt a wide stance. His face is ugly. His posability is average for a Cybertron figure apart from the leg thing. He does have a decent Cyberkey gimmick, though, which causes guns to snap forward onto his shoulders. Those are his only weapons. All said Dirt Boss is a figure that, at best, can be called average.

Alternate Mode: Dirt Boss transforms into a big purple Monster Truck. The truck looks pretty nifty and the Cyberkey gimmick is actually pretty fun here. It causes the wheels to move to the side and the car to lower down, turning the big monster truck into a more aerodynamic racing machine. In my opinion the better of Dirt Boss' two modes.

Remarks: Dirt Boss is one of the Speed Planet characters who partook in the Great Race, but that's about it as far as his character goes. He does have a fun feature in that his Cyberkey causes different gimmicks depending on his mode, but that and a very decent vehicle mode isn't quite enough to make this a figure worth recommending. Only for Cybertron completists.

Rating: C-

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