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Series: Cybertron
Year: 2005
Allegiance: Autobots
Class: Legends

Robot Mode: The only real difference to Big Optimus is the colour, black where the big guy is blue. There are multiple versions of this figure out, though, so you can get one with blue legs, too. Anyway, the figure as such is decent, though little more than that. Slight points deduction because the shoulder joint is pretty fragile and will probably break if I transform this guy a few more times.

Alternate Mode: Optimus' truck mode is about as good as that of the bigger version, meaning: not so good. Judged solely in terms of being a decent miniature of the big version, though, it's doing a good job. Taken on its own merit, though, the lack of a trailer makes the flaws of this mode (too-long rear) even more obvious than with big Optimus.

Remarks: Of the four Legends figures I have so far, Optimus is sadly the worst. Just like his larger cousin, he has a great robot mode, but his 'naked' vehicle mode (meaning without the trailer) is trash. Also, the figure isn't terribly stable. So if you want a Cybertron Optimus, you should save your cash to the get the big one.

Rating: C-

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