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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2005

A young speedster with nerves of steel and technique to spare. Quick-thinking, clever, and courageous, his size prevents him from presenting a real challenge on the track. He races out of a sense of duty to his mentor Brakedown, and he knows every bit of road on the Speed Planet like the back of his hand. It's his knowledge of the Great Race that gives Hot Shot the edge he needs.

Robot Mode: A basic-sized robot, Clocker makes a solid appearance with good posibility, nice detailling and some fun gimmicks. Apart from his gun, which can flip up when activated by the Cyberkey, he has the smoke stacks on his forearms that can flip forward like oversized claws. The colouring fits him, too, and he is an all-together nice package in robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Clocker transforms into an open racing car and does a pretty good job. The car doesn't look a hundred percent realistic to me, the front part a bit too narrow in regards to the middle and the back, but all in all it doesn't look half-bad. The gun is now the trunk and can activate here as well, while the smoke stacks run along the sides and can flip forward for attacks. Bottom line, a nice car mode that could have been a bit more streamlined, I think.

Remarks: Clocker didn't play any sort of major role in the Cybertron cartoon series. He was a student of the aging speedster Brakedown and aided Hot Shot in the Great Race, but that's pretty much it. As a toy, though, Clocker is solid. He makes the best out of a basic-sized frame that has to incorporate the Cyberkey gimmick and walks away a nice little car Transformer that I can recommend to all Cybertron fans.

Rating: B

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