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with Corona Sparkplug

Series: Armada
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Super Base
Function: Autobot Leader
Year: 2003

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.
Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and a powerful force of goodness, courage and wisdom in the battle against the evil Decepticons. He comes to the aid of all living creatures whose freedom is threatened. He first tries to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, but when battle lines are drawn, he becomes a fierce warrior capable of overpowering vast enemy forces to achieve his goal. Will Optimus Prime succeed in his heroic and life-saving mission to get the Mini-Cons before Megatron can capture them?

Remarks: Seeing as this robot is a repaint of Armada Optimus Prime, who already got a full review, I'll only give some short remarks about the differences here. Powerlinx Prime doesn't have the classic Optimus colours, he is very dark with greys, dark blues, and some dark red. I really like the look, though, and it gives him an edgier look. Apart from that there is really no difference to the first Armada Prime. Powerlinx Prime looks cooler in combination with Powerlinx Jetfire than Armada Prime does, but those two were made to go together colour-wise, so it's no surprise. Powerlinx Prime comes with a golden Minicon, Corona Sparkplug. This version of Sparkplug shows a lot more detail than his predecessor, so he's the better of the two. Bottom line, Powerlinx Prime is every bit as good as Armada Prime and his cooler colour scheme makes him one notch better. I don't necessarily recommend getting him if you already have Armada Prime, but if it's a choice between the two, get the Powerlinx version!

Rating: A-


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