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Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2011

Don't mess with Sky Shadow - he's one of the most foul, dark-hearted Decepticons in the galaxy. He takes no prisoners and always finds his target. Even the evil Megatron shudders when he hears the whine of jet engines in the distance, for it may be Sky Shadow coming for him.

Remarks: Sky Shadow is a repaint of Generations Thunderwing, so look there for the full review. Just some words on the differences here. Apart from a completely new paint job in red, black and dark grey with some silver highlights, which makes this figure look decidedly different (and much, much better in my opinion) all on its own, Sky Shadow also got a new head and a new chest plate. While the chest plate only differs in the surface sculpting, the head is completely new and a very good match to that of the original Black Shadow. Surprisingly the large antenna fit well in alternate mode (peeking out under the cockpit) and don’t hinder either transformation or articulation. Very nicely done. Otherwise the figure is identical to Thunderwing, but putting them side by side, one must take a second look to figure that out. The new head and different paint job work wonders here.

Sky Shadow is based on Black Shadow, a Japan-exclusive Pretender figure which was, fittingly, an extensive remold of the original G1 Thunderwing. Black Shadow only ever appeared in two episodes of the Japanese Victory series, as well as several issues of the Transformers Club Comics. He also had a cameo in the IDW G1 comics, but media-wise Black Shadow is still very much a blank slate. He’s actually most famous for his original function, which is “Space Gangster”, originally mistranslated from Japanese as “Space Mafia”, so many fans like to regard him as a kind of Decepticon Godfather. Works for me.

To me Sky Shadow is a perfect example of a repaint / remold done right. Some changed sculpting, completely new paint job, very nicely done. Fully recommended to just about everyone, even if you already own Thunderwing. In fact, if you really want to buy just one of this mold, I’d go so far and say that you’re better off with Sky Shadow.

Rating: B+
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