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Series: Transform Element
Allegiance: Maximal
Year: 2020

Review by Bulkhead:

Prelude: Legal stuff first as always. Mice Warrior is not a figure from Hasbro or Takara-Tomy and thus not officially a Transformers figure. The figure hails from Transform Element and portrays the Beast Wars Transformer Rattrap, but for legal reason cannot be called by that name.

Robot Mode: There have been two previous Rattrap figures that closely resembled the TV character, but as far as I am concerned Mice Warriors easily tops them. The figure is very nicely articulated, most joints are ball joints. The body is mostly made from plastic, only the legs are die cast.

The connection between upper and lower body is accomplished by a peg in the hip, which goes into the nose of the rat head – sadly not the most stable connection ever. The rat tail and back is fixed in place by a screw and pressed together by a spring. Said spring is very tight, causing the back part to bend and lie flat against the robot back. Seeing as I didn’t want that part to give out on me, I removed the spring. It doesn’t hold together quite as tightly as before, but the sides of the rat shell, which are folded onto the back, suffice to hold everything together.

As was mentioned by several people before, the weapon can only be held in the right hand. The left one has a peg hole as well, but the thumb and forefinger prevent a weapon grip to be pushed all the way through. A little bit of filing can solve that problem, though, and then Mice Warrior can hold his gun (or guns) in both hands.

Beast Mode: The beast mode is very nicely designed and everything looks organic, lean, and fully enclosed. No visible robot parts from above. Having removed the spring from the back portion, a slight seam remains visible, but I can live with that in return for less wear to the figure’s plastic.

The rat feet are easily poseable. Mice Warrior cannot be put into an upright pose like his TV counterpart, sadly, but standing on the rear legs is possible. By putting the guns into the robot hands, they can easily be stored in the rat’s belly. A big plus compared to the parts-forming of MM-01 Black Widow (Blackarachnia).

Conclusion: Mice Warrior is a great figure, which very nicely portrays the TV character with only very minor flaws. As mentioned before, if you wish to avoid wear on the plastic on the rat’s back, I’d advise to remove the spring. It makes for a slightly less-together backpack and a slight gap in beast mode, but the plastic isn’t bent out of shape all the time (flat in robot mode, curved in beast mode). The problem with the left hand just takes a little filing.

Mice Warrior is the second Beast Wars figure in Legends-scale from Transform Element and personally I hope we will see many more of them. All 14 season 1 characters, if I had my way. I fully recommend this figure to every Beast Wars fan who doesn’t have the cash for the bigger Masterpiece figures and likes Legends-scale.

Rating: A-
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