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Series: Prime Cyberverse
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Commander
Year: 2012

Bulkhead means well, but being destructive is his nature. Everywhere he goes, he manages to crush something delicate under his huge feet. Of course, when he turns his destructive nature on the Decepticons, it's all over for the evil robots.

Robot Mode: What we have here is nothing more and nothing less than a nice miniature version of Bulkhead. I don't own the Voyager-class Bulkhead from the RID subline, so I'll be comparing him to the First Edition Bulkhead. Looking at the two robots side by side, they are clearly meant to be the same character. Of course the Cyberverse version is a lot smaller and has a much brighter tone of green, but other than that they look very much alike. The level of detailing is not as pronounced, of course (i.e. the chest is all one piece, not multiple pieces sliding together), but overall it's a near-perfect scaled-down version of the bigger robot.

Bulkhead comes with a transculent-blue mace attachment, which he can put on either hand or store on his back. In terms of articulation he's almost as agile as his bigger counterpart, so no complaints there, either. So all in all, a very nice mini-me for Bulkhead.

Alternate Mode: Pretty much the same goes for the vehicle mode. Bulkhead transforms into the same green and dark grey SUV type vehicle the bigger Bulkhead does and while the transformation is a bit different, the result is pretty much the same. A nice, box car with no visible robot signs. Just about the only thing worth complaining about is the front of the car, where you can see parts of the robot feet sticking out below, but other than that: very nice. Bulkhead's made attachment can be put on the roof or simply left aside. So bottom line: a nice car mode.

Remarks: The Prime Cyberverse line continues the trend of the Dark of the Moon Cyberverse line, giving us smaller, less expensive versions of pretty much all the major characters seen in the series. And while I personally prefer collecting the bigger versions, I do like the idea of making the whole thing more accessible to younger children this way. Anyway, this Bulkhead here was in my possession but briefly as I served as a way station for it when my American buddy Caked-Up sent it to a fellow TF-collector here in Germany. I did take the opportunity to photograph and review him. So final verdict: unless you're put off by the whole "he's-really-small" thing and would rather remain with the bigger versions, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this version of Bulkhead.

Rating: B+
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