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Series: Mastermind Creations Reformatted
Allegiance: Decepticon
Year: 2016

Prelude: Legal stuff first as always. This figure here is not from Hasbro or Takara-Tomy and thus not an official Transformer. It’s from third party company Mastermind Creations and is, of course, meant to be Overlord, more specifically the version of Overlord we have seen in the IDW comics Last Stand of the Wreckers and More Than Meets the Eye. For legal reasons he cannot be called by that name, though. Hence the name Carnifex, which is either the Latin term for a medieval headsman or the name of an American Death Metal band, take your pick.

Robot Mode: Carnifex is a giant fellow, easily above Leader-class size, almost (but not quite) as big as his G1 predecessor. Far more agile, of course, as he has just about every joint imaginable and can even move his fingers individually (allowing for a nice evil-steepled-fingers-pose). His feet are big enough to give him ample stability. The only thing that is slightly unstable is the jet-drone / shield when attached to his shoulder, as you need to be a bit careful when moving that arm, lest it fall off.

Speaking of the jet-drone, you can either leave it attached to his shoulder or use one of two included attachment parts to either affix it to his forearm as a kind of attack claw or have him hold it in hand as a big shield. All three versions look pretty cool. The jet drone also houses two black swords, which can be removed and wielded by Carnifex. I don’t think Overlord ever used swords in any of his appearances, but it’s a nice option that you can take or leave.

There are many more weapons to come here, though. Carnifex comes with a huge rifle that he can hold one- or two-handed in all sorts of poses. There isn’t really a good place to attach it when he is not using it, sadly, but that’s just a minor thing. Carnifex also has in-built weapons in his torso. His chest panels open up to unveil sculpted missile launchers (an upgrade set can replace those with two Powermaster figures if you prefer) and from his belly he unfolds a twin-barreled gun and six smaller gun barrels. So whether at a distance or at melee distance, Carnifex has plenty of options.

Finally Carnifex also comes with an interchangeable head. The default one gives him a simple smile (though his luscious lips make it appear from some angles as if he is smiling open-mouthed), the other one a full-fledged grin. The second head also comes with a damaged eye, recreating a scene from Last Stand of the Wreckers, and you can exchange the eyes between the two heads as well, giving you four different options in total.

Bottom line here: this is Overlord as he appeared in the IDW comics, almost as if he stepped right off the pages. A superb and excellent-looking robot mode. Two thumbs up.

Alternate Modes: If you want to get technical, then Carnifex is a Duocon, two vehicles that combine into a single robot. His lower body becomes a tank, his upper body a jet. Now G1 Overlord’s two vehicle modes were clearly of Earth origin, but Carnifex’ components adhere to a more Science-Fiction-y style (Cybertronian, actually). The tank is the smaller of the two vehicles and incorporates Carnifex’ huge rifle as its main gun. The tank features working tank tracks and a sort-of cockpit, which can fit a Titan Master sized figure easily. Not really that much more I can write about the tank, it’s clearly recognizable as what it’s supposed to be and nicely done.

Carnifex’ upper body becomes a jet. G1 Overlord’s jet was basically an SR-71 Blackbird and while Carnifex’ jet mode is, again, more of a Science Fiction type, it does retain quite a few elements of what is my very own favorite jet design ever. It includes a landing gear and a cockpit as well, though here the Titan Master will have to lie down flat in order to fit. A very nice-looking jet mode.

Unlike G1 Overlord, Carnifex can also combine his two vehicle modes into a bigger vehicle, answering the age-old question of how he is supposed to take his legs along if he goes flying somewhere. Basically the tank splits in two and attaches to the sides of the jet, making for a much larger (and far less aerodynamic jet). The big rifle can be mounted on this superjet as well, giving it ample firepower and making sure to take all of Carnifex’ parts along for the ride. Nicely done and a good option.

Finally there is the base mode. Now in the IDW comics Overlord never showed us any mode like this, but Overlord from the Masterforce cartoon did and the G1 toy had one as well, of course. The jet part of his body forms a central tower, with the legs / two tank halves forming the sides. The base mode doesn’t look half-bad, but does seem a bit tacked-on, to be honest. Or that might just be me, seeing as I don’t have much use for it. Anyway, Carnifex has a base mode. Whether you actually use it is up to you.

Remarks: The original Overlord first appeared in the Japanese Masterforce series as a lifeless transector piloted by two human Godmasters / Powermasters called Giga and Mega, the toy of which was released only in Japan and, later on, in Europe. Overlord did make his way into the IDW comics, though, where he was portrayed as a sadistic, uber-powerful Decepticon elite warrior, who decided to defy Megatron for no other reason than wanting to face his former leader in combat. Overlord has racked up quite the kill count in the IDW comics so far and it is this Overlord upon which the Mastermind Creations figure here is based.

All in all I can say that this excellent figure has but one major flaw and that’s the price point. Even for a third party figure this guy is priced quite exorbitantly, costing 240 Euros here in Germany. I had originally decided to do the fiscally responsible thing and wait for the Hasbro Overlord that is due later this year (2017), but then I happened to turn 40 and my in-laws decided to take the biggest, most expensive item from my wish list, so Carnifex arrived at my home. What can you do?

So yeah, Carnifex is a great figure, no doubt. Great enough to warrant his price? That, I fear, is a question you each must answer yourself. Personally I would not have invested that much money with a Hasbro version on the way, but as a birthday present? He is more than welcome.

Rating: A-

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