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Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2001

Strength wins!
X-Brawn loves extremes and is at his best in disastrous situations and brutal climates such as dry deserts or snowstorms. He doesn't waste time on long-winded speeches and can be counted on to say it all in just a few words. He's very reliable and has fearsome strength. He is a martial arts master with an especially powerful left arm. His "Southpaw Lariat" is invincible.

Robot Mode: X-Brawn is a tall and lean robot with a relatively tiny upper body and very long legs, as well as an enormously huge left arm, which is composed of the entire front section of his car mode. Like many of the RID toys he has quite a bit of kibble hanging off him, but in comparison with the other Autobot Brothers it isn't too bad.

There are some posability problems with the car doors on his shoulder and left arm, but apart from that he's very posable and once you manage to balance out his left arm, you're pretty well set. For weapons he carries two spear/missile thingies, that he can either hold in his left hand, plug into his right hand or right shoulder, or fasten to his back.

All in all a good robot with a good colouring and detailing. No complaints.

Alternate Modes: A 4WD SUV-type vehicle, X-Brawn makes for a very realistic car. Instead of the shotgun seat you can see his robot head through the windshield, which is kinda fun and actually mirrors a scene seen in the cartoon series. Nicely done. Both his weapons fit underneath the vehicle, the side bars looking out beneath the doors.

The car is very finely detailed, including rubber tires, opening doors, and nice sculpting. Nothing to complain about here at all. A superb car mode.

Remarks: X-Brawn is possibly the best of the three Autobot brothers. Like most of them he is a bit misshapen, what with his long legs and huge left arm, but it doesn't hinder him and he makes for a fine toy. I especially like the rather unusual transformation where the entire front section of his car mode becomes his left arm.

His role in the cartoon was quite extensive, so that's another reason to get him. X-Brawn was also available as a Spychanger and as a repaint Supermode X-Brawn. Whichever version, though, I really like this figure a lot. And while the colours of the super version are slightly superior to this one, at least in my opinion, that doesn't change the fact that X-Brawn is a very good toy. A definite recommendation.

Rating: A-


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