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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic Transmetal 2
Function: Aerial Reconnaisance
Year: 1999

The dangerous cloning experiments carried out by Megatron have created another powerful ally for the heroic Maximals: Sonar. Super-acute senses provide matchless reconnaissance abilities, while bio-cyber elements allow unmatched strength and mobility. When combined with a fiery, almost uncontrollable aggression, Sonar makes a dangerous enemy and somewhat unpredictable ally. Much to his chagrin, Megatron has unintentionally created the finest early-warning system to have ever existed- the Maximal known as Sonar!

Robot Mode: Sonar looks a little more humanoid than Scarem, but not much. His bat-wings make no secret of what he transforms into and while his look is a bit more wholesome than Scarem's, he's still a motley collection of parts. The golden claws sticking up from his shoulders serve no real purpose, just for the look. Bottom line, decent, but that's it.

Beast Mode: Transforming into a bat-like creature, Sonar makes a slightly better showing of it than Basic Optimus Primal, but only slightly. The mode looks good, but the feet sticking out below are out of proportion with the rest and somewhat drag it down. So bottom line, average, nothing more than that.

Remarks: Sonar isn't a bad Transformer as such, but neither is he particularly good. The transformation is pretty akward (you have to pull his legs through his upper body) and the figure offers no surprises or anything else to attract the Beast Wars fan. Seeing as Sonar never appeared in the TV show or the IDW Beast Wars comic, there simply is no good reason to buy him except for completeness' sake.

Rating: C-
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