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with Freezeout
Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2017

With the Decepticons rising, the Autobots power up with Titan Master Partners to stop them! Freezeout gives Topspin the ability to target and deactivate the conversion cog of other bots, freezing enemies in whatever mode they're in.

Robot Mode: If you are like me and grew up in the 80s, you were inevitably subjected to a certain kind of Anime-styled robot. Robotech was the most obvious first taste of it, but there were numerous other Animes in the same visual style broadcast during that time and Transformers certainly took its influence from that as well. The result is a certain kind of look my generation is accustomed to when it comes to super-powered robots that fight for good.

Topspin here might as well be that style made flesh (or plastic). In robot mode he is 80s Anime personified. He’s boxy, he’s got chunky boots, he’s got an almost human-like face inside a big helmet, he’s got wings, he’s got big guns. Everything you could possibly ask for. I just love this look (in case you haven’t noticed it by now).

Looks aside Topspin is yet another example of an excellent Deluxe class figure in the Titans Return line. He’s nicely articulated, he’s got a nice level of detailing, and no flaws I can think of. He carries two silver guns that can combine into an even bigger one, though personally I think he looks better with a gun in each hand. Topspin is also one of very, very few Transformers I know who looks interesting from the back, too. The way his cockpit and the “fork” from his jet mode fold up there looks really cool.

So bottom line: an excellent robot mode that makes me remember Saturdays spent in front of the telly during my childhood. Two thumbs up!

Alternate Mode: The nostalgia continues as Topspin transforms into a vintage-looking space jet. Big, chunky, little wings, big engines, everything you expect from a space fighter that doesn’t really give a damn about aerodynamics. Up front you have Topspin’s characteristic “fork”, the cockpit in the middle seats his Titan Master partner (see below). The guns go under the wings, everything folds together very nicely and there is not a hint of a robot mode to be found anywhere.

Again, I just love the design here, especially the rear end where four big exhaust ports make it look like this space fighter can accelerate like nobody’s business. The last Transformer who had such a design that just screams “classic space adventure” was Armada Jetfire and I have sorely missed it. The only slight downside is that the jet only has a front landing gear, but that’s just a little thing and doesn’t take anything away from this excellent jet mode. Nicely done.

Partner / Add-On: Like all Titans Return figures Deluxe-class and above, Topspin is a Headmaster whose head comes of to transform into a separare figure. That figure is Freezeout, a Titan Master. Not really anything that sets him apart from other Titan Masters. Ball-jointed shoulders, joint knees, able to take a seat inside the combined guns of Topspin as a gunner, that’s pretty much it. But he forms a very nice head.

Remarks: The original Transformers toy line was a melting pot of existing figures from many different Japanese companies, licensed for use in the Western markets. Among them were the Jumpstarters Topspin and Twin Twist, originally the Diaclone Baku-Ten (Blast-Flip) Attack Robos. Despite being from a Takara toy line, the two of them never appeared in the cartoon, but have made numerous comic book appearances as part of the Autobot elite strike force called the Wreckers.

As for the toy, I didn’t really plan to get it. I was happy with my Mech Ideas Demolition Crue. But now that I have him here, I’m very happy that I did get him. Topspin is brilliant, one of my favorite Deluxe designs in a long time, and laden with nostalgia for us 80s kids. But even if you’re not an old poozer like me, I think you will like Topspin very much. He’s an excellent figure with no flaws and a very cool look. We need more TFs like that.

Rating: A
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