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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Combat
Year: 2004

If I don't grind you to shreds, I'll blast you to bits.
Sharkticon has an appetite for destruction along with a repulsive stench. Recruited by Scorponok for space reconnaissance, this evil Decepticon proved very quickly that his true skills were best displayed during space battle and underwater combat. His powerful jaws are his greatest weapons. His cruel way of destroying an enemy has been known to sicken his Decepticon allies, including Megatron, on many occasions. Even his teammate, Shockwave, is repulsed by Sharkticon's personality and stink. In vehicle mode, he can out-maneuver some of Optimus Prime's most skilled Autobots. In robot mode, he takes down the enemy with merciless precision and pure enjoyment.

Robot Mode: Sharkticon in robot mode both benefits and suffers from the fact that the largest part of his submarine mode simply folds away onto his back. The profit is that it leaves the robot mode sleek and uncluttered. The disadvantage lies in the fact that he is prone to toppling over backwards. Thanks to his very good posability he can easily correct that flaw, though, leaving us with a fine-looking robot. Sharkticon's robot mode can be modified into a so-called hyper mode by deploying the missile launchers form the submarine's bow underneath his arms. I'm not a hundred percent comfortable with it, seeing as he can't lower his arms in this mode, but it does give him some much-needed firepower, seeing as he doesn't have any kind of handweapon. All in all, a good robot mode with some minor flaws.

Vehicle Mode: Sharkticon transforms into a submarine / spaceship. It's nice, seeing as there aren't that many aquatic vehicles among the Transformers franchise. The ship looks quite good and carries multiple gun emplacements, giving it all the firepower it needs. There is a hyper mode for the submarine, too, as the bow can fold apart to deploy the missile launchers. A very nice vehicle mode.

Remarks: Sharkticon is one of those toys that only appear on the shelves, not in the actual cartoon series. As a result he might be a bit underappreciated, seeing as he's quite a decent figure. He does have some flaws, but nothing major. Named after the G1 henchmen of the Quintessons, he makes for a striking figure in robot mode and has a very nice vehicle mode. So unless you're one of those who snub a toy that doesn't get any airtime, Sharkticon is mildly recommended.

Rating: B-

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