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with Chasm

Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2017

The Decepticons unite with Titan Master Partners to power up for battle. Chasm opens Portals that displace enemies and objects. Quake can unleash his seismic attacks and use the power of Chasm to swallow Autobots into a teleportation abyss.

Prelude: This review is dedicated in loving memory to Karl-Heinz “Kalli” Hechler, beloved father-in-law and all-around great guy. Kalli died unexpectedly on Monday, June 26, 2017. Farewell, Kalli, we are missing you terribly.

Robot Mode: Let’s start with comparing the figure to its G1 counterpart. G1 Quake was one of my favorite figures from that time and this new one certainly does it justice. The paintjob of dark maroon, blue and grey gives it a nicely dark image and the resemblance to the original is strong, especially the head. He also has that Decepticon symbol with a lightning bolt behind it that G1 Quake sported, a nice detail. The only main difference to the original (apart from this one not being a Targetmaster) is the big shoulder gun. But you will never hear me complain about shoulder guns (unless it’s really crappy ones).

Resemblance aside Quake is another excellent Deluxe class figure from the Titans Return line, which seemingly can do no wrong (at least in this size class). Sure, the mold was originally made for Hardhead, but it works just as well as Quake, so no complaints. Articulation and detailing are nice, the only thing that is slightly strange is the length of the forearms. The design of Quake’s wrists makes it look like they are a bit too long to my eye, but that’s really just a minor thing.

The original Quake had a tank gun and two Targetmasters for weapons. TR Quake leaves out the Targetmasters, but compensates with a rifle and a really large tank gun, which he can either hold in hand or mount on his shoulder (you know which variant I prefer). Both weapons can be stored on the back, too. So bottom line: an excellent robot mode. No complaints at all.

Alternate Mode: G1 Quake became a pretty standard tank (colors aside). Basically a box with a gun turret on top. TR Quake, on the other hand, becomes a far more futuristic-looking tank with separated front and back tracks and a large cockpit right beside the big tank gun. It doesn’t really resemble the vehicle mode of G1 Quake much (except for the colors and, you know, being a vehicle with a gun on top), but it’s still clearly meant to be a tank, so no problem for me.

Overall the tank looks really cool and you can add Quake’s smaller gun to it or leave it aside, as you like. The big tank gun can also open up to unveil a gunner’s seat for Chasm (see below) when he isn’t sitting inside the cockpit. No visible robot bits, either. So bottom line: a very nice vehicle mode. No complaints.

Partner / Add-On: You know the score by now, I’m sure. Every Titans Return figure Deluxe-class and above has a head that detaches and becomes a separate figure called a Titan Master. Quake’s is called Chasm. Pretty much the same as any other Titan Master in robot mode. Moving on.

Remarks: Quake was part of the original G1 toyline as a Double Targetmaster (also called Small Targetmasters) and to me he was definitely one of the better figures from that time, due to his (for a G1 figure) superb articulation. So it’s very nice to see him again. Quake never had much in the way of media presence (I dimly remember him being blown up in the Marvel G2 comic books), but that never took away my enjoyment of a figure.

Speaking of the figure, it’s the best Quake you could possibly have given that the mold wasn’t originally intended for this character. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great figure, just not as G1-accurate as, for example, Hardhead, for whom the mold was originally made. Still, it’s the first Quake figure since 1988 and it’s very nicely done. So unless you are just not into Tank-Transformers for some reason, Quake is most definitely worth a look.

Rating: B+
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