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with Aimless

Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2017

The Decepticons unite with Titan Master partners to power up for battle! Aimless gives Misfire an ultra-powerful ion particle fireblast. Unfortunately it does not improve the low-grade targeting skills of Misfire. When they unite, Autobots and Decepticons go running for cover.

Prelude: Misfire is an extensive retool of Titans Return Triggerhappy, whom I have previously reviewed. Thus comparisons to Triggerhappy will abound in this review, no doubt.

Robot Mode: Generation 1 Misfire was one of my favorite Transformers as a kid, mostly because the figure looked unique and was among the best-articulated figures in the G1 line. Titans Return Misfire is basically that toy come to life again, only better proportioned, even better articulated, and just plain fun. Few figures could get away with so much pink, but Misfire owns the color. Also, despite being “only” a retool of Triggerhappy, Misfire differs in a lot of ways, not least of which that he carries his jet mode cockpit on his back instead of on his chest.

Articulation is superb, the detailing is good, and he carries the usual two guns that combine into a bigger gun, which can also be used as a gunnery seat for Aimless (see below). Just about the only thing I would improve here would be the face, as the manic Misfire we’ve seen in the comics (again, see below) would sport either a grin or a panicked expression. Apart from that, though, I have no complaints. A superb robot mode, a spitting image of the old toy and comic character both, and different enough from Triggerhappy so that you barely notice that they are roughly 70% the same figure. Two thumbs up.

Alternate Mode: Misfire transforms into a Science-Fiction style space jet with a forked nose. The pink prevails here as well, but it works, especially with the big blue cockpit as a contrast. Aimless can sit inside the cockpit and the two guns go underneath the wings. No real landing gear, sadly, but that is pretty much the only slight flaw. I love the design here, which again nicely emulates (and improves upon) the G1 toy. So if you like space jet alternate modes, there is absolutely nothing wrong here. Again, two thumbs up.

Partner / Add-On: Misfire’s head transforms into Titan Master Aimless, who is a standard Titan Master figure except for one thing: he is very nicely painted. Seriously, most Titan Masters get two colors at the most. Aimless has three different colors on his head alone. Very nicely done. Prettiest Titan Master yet, I believe.

Remarks: Misfire debuted in the G1 three-parter “The Rebirth” as one of the Decepticon Targermasters and, for the longest time, that was pretty much the extent of it. He was one of the Decepticon Targetmasters, full stop. That is until James Roberts featured him in IDW’s More than Meets the Eye comic as one of the Scavengers, a group of war-weary lower-ranked Decepticons striking out on their own. Not only does he get some of the best lines (“What’s going on? Should I be running away? Am I wasting valuable running away time talking to you?”), he also struck up an unlikely friendship with a brain-damaged Grimlock.

G1 Misfire was one of my favorite toys as a kid and I love Misfire in the IDW comics, so there was no question that I would be getting this figure. Titans Return is dishing out brilliant Deluxe-class figures by the bucket load and the Triggerhappy / Misfire mold is no exception. There is yet another retool, of course, in Slugslinger, which my buddy Caked-Up has already grabbed for me. So the bottom line here: brilliant figure. Well worth getting along with his mold mates.

Rating: A
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