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Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2015

Put the cloaking power of Mirage in the hands of a Combiner and look out -- that's 30 tons of steel sneaking up behind you and walloping you with a punch you can't see coming. The Decepticons won't know what hit them.

Remarks: Mirage is a repaint of Dragstrip, so look there for the full review. Just some words on the differences here. Apart from his familiar blue and white paint job, Mirage was also given a new head sculpt, which is pretty much a dead ringer for Mirage as he currently appears in the IDW comics and a pretty close match the G1 cartoon character, too. The rest is more or less the same, even the weapons are identical, just a different color (silver instead of purple). And, of course, he can still become the limb of a combiner, in his case he is intended to become part of Optimus Maximus.

Mirage didn’t have a big role in the IDW comics so far, but he seems to be a kind of visionary, able to see possible futures and parallel worlds. It was on his behest that the Protectobots travelled back to Cybertron, where they were merged into Defensor, and he himself became part of Optimus Maximus when Prowl used the Enigma of Combination. Not much else to him so far. The figure, though, is quite good and a necessary ingredient for Optimus Maximus to boot. It isn’t all classic Mirage, what with the F1 racer cockpit not forming the chest, but overall he looks pretty good. Not a must-have, but a good figure.

Rating: B
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