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Series: Power of the Primes
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Combiner
Year: 2018

Prelude: Abominus is the combined form of Hun-GurrrRippersnapperBlotCutthroat and Sinnertwin, all of whom I’ve already reviewed individually. This review will focus only on the combined robot.

Combiner: Let us get my one complaint about this combiner robot out of the way first: the lack of dragon-head-knees. The original G1 Abominus had the twin heads of Hun-Grrr’s dragon mode for knees. Due to a different transformation scheme, this isn’t really possible here. It’s not really a big thing and there are already add-on kits to solve this problem, but still, it somewhat offends my GeeeWuun-sensibilities.

Overall, though, I really love this combined robot. As mediocre as Hun-Gurrr is as a stand-alone figure, he’s really working great as a combiner torso. The four limb-robots do their job well, too, and there really isn’t a favorite configuration for me here. Cutthroat works slightly better as an arm, I think, but that’s entirely subjective. Abominus looks great combined.

One of the things most people didn’t like about the Combiner Wars style combiners were the hands and feet. Personally I think the hands were okay, but the feet were far too tiny. It’s slightly better here with the PotP combiners, as the feet are combined from the two pods that come with Hun-Gurrr and the fists that come with two of the four limb-robots. Now the standard configuration is to use the fists as heels, which works fine. You can also turn the entire thing around, though, giving Abominus claw-like feet with Iron-Sheik-style pikes on top of his feet, which looks much better in my opinion.

The only thing really missing here is a big weapon for Abominus, preferably a rifle like the G1 version had. All of the Terrorcons’ individual weapons can be mounted here, of course, but none of their weapons are big enough for Abominus’ hands. Apart from that, though, a really great combining robot. I love him.

Remarks: Abominus turned up out of nowhere in the infamous third season episode “Grimlock’s New Brain” and was the catalyst for Grimlock building the Technobots. Computron, combined form of the Technobots, became Abominus’ nemesis and the two duked it out in the follow-up episode “Money is Everything”. Abominus was also among the “primitives” who were fighting against Tornedron and Primacron in the episode “Call of the Primitives”. All in all he got quite a bit of spotlight near the end of season 3, at least for a combiner (team).

As a toy Abominus works great. Hand him a big rifle from some other figure (preferably a purple one) and you’re all set. Given that two-fifths of Abominus were in the infamous wave 2 of Power of the Primes, completing him wasn’t the easiest thing in the world (that wave is supposed to restocked now, but I haven’t seen it anywhere on the shelves). It is worth the effort and the wait, though. Abominus has now replaced Defensor as my favorite Combiner Wars combiner. Two thumbs up!

Rating: A-
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