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Series: Robots in Disguise 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Warrior
Year: 2015

Robot Mode: Despite being ‘only‘ a Warrior-class figure (more or less Deluxe-sized), this new Optimus Prime figure here takes its inspiration from one of the largest Optimus Primes of all time, the Japanese Star Convoy, one of the very Optimus figures where the trailer of the truck mode isn’t just an add-on or power-up, but fully a part of the robot. Such is the case here as well, as this Optimus forms his legs from the trailer of his truck mode and his arms from the driver’s cabin. He’s still got the classic Optimus look, of course, but the big shoulder pieces and long, powerful-looking legs give him a look that is at least semi-unique.

Articulation is quite good, though the shoulders can only rotate, the arms can’t be raised sideways here. Otherwise no complaints, though, he can still pull off quite a few dynamic poses with his big battle axe. A lot of Optimus Primes have carried axes as weapons these last few years, this one here being very close to the one Optimus wielded in the War for Cybertron video game.

Just about the only bad thing I can say about this robot mode (except for the shoulders being a bit limited) is that it looks a bit plain. A few more colored highlights here and there would have done wonders, I think. I’m sure Reprolabels will take care of that, though, or maybe I’ll apply the brush myself, we’ll see. Otherwise, though, a very nice robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Optimus transforms into a red long-nosed tractor with a blue and red trailer permanently connected to it. The transformation is rather similar to Star Convoy as well here, though, meaning you can sort of see Optimus’ robot legs forming the roof of the trailer with his black toes at the rear end. Not a perfect disguise mode, but not terrible, either. The somewhat simplified RID 2.0 aesthetic is evident here as well, as the vehicle looks nicely streamlined, but is somewhat lacking in detail work. Again, either extra labels or some paint will work wonders here, I believe.

Optimus’ battle axe can be stored on the roof of the trailer (something that is not mentioned in the instructions). You can still see it, somewhat, but it works and makes sure you don’t lose the weapon when Optimus is in vehicle mode. So overall we have an okay vehicle mode here. Nothing fancy, but fully workable.

Remarks: Despite the fact that he sacrificed himself in the Predacons Rising movie, which wrapped up the Prime TV series, it was a given that Optimus Prime would return for the follow-up series Robots in Disguise. Optimus Prime never stays dead for long, after all. So far we have only seen him as a ghostly apparition that gives guidance to Bumblebee, though he briefly manifested to help take down Underbite. I have no doubt Optimus Prime will return permanently before the series is over.

The toy is pretty much exactly what I expected after having seen several of the RID 2.0 Warrior-class figures before. Nicely done, though in a minimalist way. It’s hard to mess up an Optimus Prime figure, mind you, as the look is so iconic. So bottom line: a nice figure. Not a revolutionary reinvention of the Optimus figure or something hardcore collectors must buy, but a fun toy and a nice nod to one of the more obscure Japanese versions of the Autobot leader.

Rating: B+

Update 2015-04-18: Optimus Prime's forearms can be modified by removing one little screw, so now the parts of the truck nose can slide back, leaving his fists free. See last three pictures in the gallery.
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