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Series: Robots in Disguise 2.0
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Warrior
Year: 2015

Robot Mode: Fracture is a robot sporting the traditional Decepticon colors (purple, black, silver). He is long and thin, with big shoulder pads (including sculpted-in Minicon missiles) and a long, narrow face. Overall it would be quite hard to imagine him as one of the good guys. Also, it’s kind of hard to say what he transforms into (at least from the front), the black tires on his feet pretty much the only clue.

Fracture comes with a big black gun that is designed to be held two-handed, but can also be held in one hand (either at full length or folded together) or attached to either forearm. The figure is nicely articulated and while the paintjob and detailing is somewhat minimalistic, it still looks pretty good overall and there are no unpainted grey parts or any such things. In total I must say that Fracture looks pretty good. Unlike most other RID bad guys he is not animal-themed, but that doesn’t hurt him any. A good robot mode. Not spectacular, but good.

Alternate Mode: Fracture transforms into a futuristic motorbike. Both wheels turn and there is a flip-out stand. The handles are unmoving, so no steering, but the whole thing still looks pretty cool. It is possible to sit another Transformers figure on the bike, but it’s pretty wide so make sure it’s one who can properly spread his legs. Fracture’s big gun can be mounted on the side (thereby making it even harder to put a rider on this bike) to add firepower. Not sure what else I can write here. A cool-looking motorbike. Thumbs up for this mode.

Remarks: From what we’ve seen of Fracture in the RID cartoon so far, he’s basically Lockdown, the bounty hunter, just without the interesting back story and the disturbing habit of collecting parts of his victims to upgrade himself. Fracture came to Earth to collect the bounty on Bumblebee, ended up stranded instead and joined Steeljaw’s team, only to be captured in the season finale. We’ll see if he manages to become interesting in season 2.

The initial waves of RID toys have been very sparse on the bad guys, but now we’re finally seeing some more of them. Fracture was among the more prominent bad guys in the first season (at least in terms of screen time), so it’s nice to see him in the Warrior class (he’s getting a 1-Step Changer and a Minicon Deployer, too). The toy as such is good. Nothing more than that, but worth it for finally bolstering your bad guy ranks a bit.

Rating: B
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