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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Pretender Classics
Function: Espionage
Year: 1989

The least likely can be the most dangerous!
A free-wheeling, fun-loving Autobot. Recommissioned as a Pretender, this formerly tiny titan is now bigger and better than before. Outer shell equipped with titanium armor, sonic blaster, and turbo-thrusted rocket pack. Reinforced helmet equipped with multi-band radio transmitter and thermal tracking meters. Inner robot armed with laser pistol. Car mode also equipped with X-ray lasers in headlights that can burn through solid rock. Entire frame, chassis and outer armor refortified for added endurance and fighting power on the battlefield.

Robot Mode: Bumblebee has barely changed from his original incarnation, still a little black-and-yellow guy so adorably cute you wanna hug the stuffing out of him. His face is very much like that of his TV incarantion (unlike the original toy) and his posability is actually quite good for a G1 toy, he can move his arms more or less freely and has independent feet. His Pretender shell is one of the better ones I've seen. It's a brick except for the arms, but the detailling is nice. All in all a decent robot and Pretender mode.

Alternate Mode: What else could Bumblebee be but a Volkswagen Beetle? It would be heresy for him to be anything else. No complaints about the vehicle, it looks as realistic as a plastic toy car can look. Bumblebee's smaller weapon can be mounted on top.

Remarks: Unlike some of the other Classic Pretenders (Grimlock, Jazz, Starscream), this version of Bumblebee is actually an improvement when compared to the original. Better looks, more posability, and generally just a good piece of work. Granted, the whole Pretender gimmick isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I prefer this Bumblebee over the original.

Rating: C+
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