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Series: Generations Selects
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2021

Prelude: When Transformers returned from its hiatus in 1993 under the new name Generation 2, the first commercials and teasers saw familiar Autobot leader Optimus Prime in epic combat with his greatest foe... Ramjet? Well, G2 Ramjet, sporting cool new 90s style colors and... yeah, being squashed in a matter of seconds. Anyway, few other figures epitomize the second generation of Transformers toys as much as Ramjet, so it’s hardly a surprise that we get a version of the Earthrise Starscream mold in those colors for the Generations Selects series. Let’s say go!

Robot Mode: Ramjet is a repaint of Earthrise Starscream, so this review will focus on the differences. Being one of the coneheads, Ramjet naturally has a different head that comes to a point. It’s not the actual nosecone of the jet mode, but that hardly matters. Ramjet also has different wings than Starscream, so instead of having wings on his back, his are on his legs. Finally there are the colors, as Ramjet sports a terrific-looking paintjob of purple, black, and turquoise. Damn, he looks great in those colors.

Apart from that, no changes to the figure, same strengths, same limitations. But by Primus, he looks sooooo much better than Starscream.

Alternate Mode: Just like he did in days of yore, Ramjet transforms into a modified F-15 fighter jet with cranked-arrow delta wings, which are apparently based on the F-16XL prototype jet. Apart from the paintjob, which still looks amazing in this mode as well, the main difference to Earthrise Starscream are the wings, which also look pretty amazing. Also, like many G2 figures back in the day, Ramjet has his name proudly displayed on the side of the cockpit.

Apart from that, still the same cool-looking jet with the same lack of a landing gear.

Remarks: When Generation 2 began in 1993, it was pretty much all recycled G1 figures, sporting new colors and new weapons. Few figures got as radical a make-over as Ramjet, though, who went from his usual mostly white paintjob to a combination of turquoise, purple, and black. Despite featuring so prominently in the commercials, he did not really play a role in the G2 comics series. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing him sporting these colors in any comic or actual cartoon episode. Looked pretty great, though.

While I am still not a big fan of this mold (I consider it good, but far from great), I instantly fell in love with this awesome paintjob. Ramjet just looks so cool in those colors, the quintessential Decepticon warrior, and quite a bit of 90s nostalgia plays into it, too. So bottom line: just another Seeker, yes, but with a truly gorgeous paintjob.

Rating: B
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